Interview with Olivia Chang, CNN Money Switzerland

  • “Insurtech start-up Luminant Analytics was founded in 2017 to improve insurance pricing by using data. Now with two bases in Switzerland and the U.S., founder Renu Ann Joseph explains how she’s trying to break into the highly-regulated industry and her plans to raise USD 1.5 million by 2020.” (CNN Money Switzerland, August 8, 2019)


The Re/Imagine Podcast

  • “People say that information is the lifeblood of insurance. Many companies invest millions of dollars to launch data projects, then fail to use the analysis to actually solve the identified problem. Dr. Renu Ann Joseph, CEO and Founder of Luminant Analytics has launched a solution that allows insurance carriers to ‘close the last mile’ of analysis. In this episode, we discuss Luminant’s solution and how to navigate change in the insurance industry.” (THE RE/IMAGINE PODCAST, July 22, 2019)