Luminant Analytics is an Insurtech company that offers advanced analytics solutions for insurance companies. Our unique value proposition is the use of curated, industry-relevant external data as inputs to improving traditional methods of portfolio segmentation, risk selection and pricing.

These inputs capture and very accurately predict key external trend changes, which then serve as benchmark analytics that an insurer can use to compare with their own book´s performance and re-calibrate, as needed.


We help insurers improve their risk selection and pricing by effectively leveraging external data analytics

Our offerings

Market Reports

Market Reports

Using industry-relevant, external data we generate regular reports that offer actionable insights for underwriting purposes. Our analytics helps companies with expanding into new markets, where historical loss data is unavailable.

Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard

The data dashboard hosts data from a multitude of relevant, most recent external data sources. Not only is the data ready to use, but it has been closely attuned to the needs of our insurer clients. The analytics and insights from the data dashboard offer an intuitive visualization of evolving external risks that impact most aspects of an insurer’s book.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

We generate cutting-edge, back-tested, predictive models for loss frequency and severity trends. These can be inputs into internal reserving models along with supplementing internal pricing models of insurance companies, particularly by offering benchmark analytics.

Why Luminant Analytics?

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” – Henry Ford

With our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to risk assessment, we help insurers in improving their underwriting and pricing.

So far, insurers mostly price their products on the basis of their historical loss experience, which is driven by their own portfolio selection and its performance. Key external environment changes often go unnoticed or are not effectively incorporated in risk assessment as insurers often prioritize on reconciling multiple internal reporting systems. With our team´s deep experience in analytics, especially around identifying and modeling relevant external changes through new data sources or with a fresh perspective on oft-used data sources, we help insurers bridge that gap.

It cannot have come at a better time. The insurance industry is at the tipping point of a revolution- newer, fast moving risks and newer, larger troves of data that help articulate those risks. We help you transform those data points into better risks and sharper models.

Because, old ways will not open new doors.